LearnSoft – E-Learning Software

Simulationexams.com released e-learning software LearnSoft with state of the art features and functionalities. The software is developed in client server based model and supports various operating systems and devices. The operating systems supported include Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. The devices supported include desktops, laptops, tabs, and mobiles.

The software consists of the following:

1. Authoring engine: The authoring engine is where content developers input all the content including exams, and course material. Various types of content is supported, including text, pdf, open office formats, and MS office formats. The engine also supports audio, video, and multimedia content, including YouTube video content.

2. Exam Engine: This is responsible for proper delivery of tests over the network. All standard features are supported, and some special features include remote monitoring, screen capture, geo location sensing, and detailed score reports.

3. Content Delivery engine: The content delivery engine is responsible for delivery of content is desired format. The supported formats include test, rich text, pdf, Open Office formats, MS Office formats, YouTube video formats, and multimedia formats.

The software may be downloaded by going to the product page at

LearnSoft – e-Learning Software page.

For any queries, please email us at info(at)anandsoft.com


Practice Exams IOS Apps -1

Simulationexams Releases A+ Core2 220-1002 Exam Simulator for your iOS devices. This A+ Ccore 2 Exam Simulator will have 350+ practice questions with detailed answers, and conform to the latest exam objectives of the A+ Core 2 220-1002 Certification exam. All questions are provided with detailed answers. The practice tests are verified by the experts with the updated syllabus and these are useful for candidates who have planned to take the A+ certification exam in the next couple of weeks, or for those who would like to know their proficiency in areas of A+ core 2.

The Demo version of the Practice questions will have a limited number of questions and the use of all the features in the full version. the full version is available with 350+ practice questions. You may download the A+ Core 2 exam simulators Demo versions from the flowing link:

A+ Core 2 220-1002 Exsim IOS App: http://www.simulationexams.com/ios/download/comptia/aplus-core2.htm

Exam Objectives are Covered:
  1. Operating Systems 27%
  2. Security 24%
  3. Software Troubleshooting 26%
  4. Operational Procedures 23%
Supported Question Types:
  1. Multiple Choice Single/Multiple Answers.
  2. Text/Image Drag-n-Drop Questions
  3. Exhibit type Questions
The important features of Exam Simulators are given below:
  • Conforms to the latest exam objectives
  • Up to date practice questions with detailed explanations.
  • Immediate online activation.
  • Integrated Test Engine with online feedback
  • Verify for any product updates.
  • Complete explanation is provided for each question in Learn mode
  • Simulates actual test surroundings in exam mode.
  • Store and view results at a later date, or review answers.
  • Supports several question types including multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-n-drop, etc.
  • Flashcards.

About  A+ Core2(220-1002) Certification: A+ is one of the most widely-recognized Certifications in IT Sector.  It covers topics like installation and configuration of operating systems, expanded security, operational procedures and software troubleshooting.