LearnSoft – E-Learning Software

Simulationexams.com released e-learning software LearnSoft with state of the art features and functionalities. The software is developed in client server based model and supports various operating systems and devices. The operating systems supported include Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. The devices supported include desktops, laptops, tabs, and mobiles.

The software consists of the following:

1. Authoring engine: The authoring engine is where content developers input all the content including exams, and course material. Various types of content is supported, including text, pdf, open office formats, and MS office formats. The engine also supports audio, video, and multimedia content, including YouTube video content.

2. Exam Engine: This is responsible for proper delivery of tests over the network. All standard features are supported, and some special features include remote monitoring, screen capture, geo location sensing, and detailed score reports.

3. Content Delivery engine: The content delivery engine is responsible for delivery of content is desired format. The supported formats include test, rich text, pdf, Open Office formats, MS Office formats, YouTube video formats, and multimedia formats.

The software may be downloaded by going to the product page at

LearnSoft – e-Learning Software page.

For any queries, please email us at info(at)anandsoft.com


Simexams.com Exam Software Update

Simexams.com, a leading exam software provider, is working on providing complete learning and assessment software for institutes and organizations intending to offer online course delivery and assessment.

The current version of software offers test and assessment features with a variety of configurable features. The software features authoring tools, and exam engine for scheduling and delivering the exams. The software is completely brandable (white label) and compatible on a variety of platforms including MAC, Android, and Windows.

The content engine provides support for various file formats, including PDFs, html, and multimedia. The software with learning system will be made available in the next couple of weeks.

Exam software features include the following:

Configure exam parameters like number of questions per exam, exam time, pass percentage, allowed exam modes and permitted buttons.

check mark imageCustomize the application to display your own institute logo.

check mark imageSupport diffterent question types including Multiple choice single answer and Multi Answer, image, audio and video.

check mark imageCustomize exams to select questions from some or all topics/categories

check mark imageBookmark questions and review them anytime.

check mark imageInstant (Optional) scorecard after ending the exam.

check mark imageGet time analysis after ending exam to see how much time was spenton each question

check mark imageGet Category and Sub category wise scores.

check mark imageSave, View and review individual exams with selected answers, correct answers and detailed explanation.

check mark imageFor Online Exams view Geo location (optional) of the student taking exams.

check mark imageMonitor all the online exams from control panel using image casting (optional).

check mark imageRecord system screen for entire duration of the exams (optional).

Disclaimer: Simexams.com CBT is a trademark of Anand Software and Training.