LAAS Exam Engine iOS app

Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS) is used to provide educational institutions, businesses, and individuals with online learning resources. The programme is a total solution for any business or academic institution that wishes to offer content and assessment assessments online. The software is divided into the following four modules:

Author module
Content module
Exam module

Anandsoft eLearn LAAS software’s exam engine module is available for iPhone too so the candidates can take exams from their mobile phones. iOS application of exam engine is available for download from Play Store.

This app includes all the same features as windows version of the exam engine. Which include adding the test modules, taking exam in learn mode or exam mode, saving results, reviewing saved results and analysis. You can get a list of features of LAAS Exam Engine Module here

This app also includes content engine which presents all the lessons arranged according to titles, topics and sub topics. Most of the available content formats are supported including pdfs, audio visuals, MS office formats, and others. You can get a list of features of LAAS content engine module here

Check this out for downloading the free version of the LAAS iOS app available on app store.

Download Anandsoft eLearn LAAS Exam Engine iOS Ap

Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for Network+

A tutorial for Network+ (N10-008) certification exam is available from A brief review of contents of the tutorial are given below:

1.0 Media and Topologies

    1. Network Elements
    2. Physical Topologies
    3. Physical Media
    4. Network Connectivity Devices
    5. WAN Devices

2.0 Protocols and standards

    1. Layers of OSI
    2. MAC addressing
    3. Purpose of subnetting
    4. Difference between public and private networks
    5. Protocol
    6. Network Utilities

3.0 Network Implementation

    1. Basic Capabilities of Network Operating System (NOS)
    2. Firewall
    3. Proxy servers
    4. VLANs
    5. Benefits of Using Antivirus software
    6. Fault tolerance
    7. Disaster recovery

4.0 Network Support

    1. Troubleshooting scenario
    2. The Troubleshooter’s Resources
    3. Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources
    4. Hardware Network Troubleshooting Tools
    5. Software Troubleshooting Tools

Downloadable practice tests for Network+ are also available from

A+ Certification Mobile apps update recently updated its A+ Core 1 (220-1101) and A+ Core 2 (220-1102) practice tests for mobile devices. The app consists of 300+ questions covering topics from latest A+ certification exam objectives.

A+ certification is designed specifically for the professionals working in computer hardware and software support field. Achievement of A+ Certification shows that a person has the knowledge, technical and customer service skills necessary to successfully support PC equipment and users.

A+ Core certification requires two tests to be passed: the A+ Core 1 (220-1101) exam and A+ Core 2 (220-1102) exam. Both of these tests must be passed in order to receive A+ certification .

Mobile device apps for A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2 come in 2 versions

1. Free version, limited to 60 questions, and

2. Full version with 300+ questions with flashcard explanation.

Question types supported are

1. Multiple choice single answer

2. Multiple choice multiple answer

3. Drag and drop (Text, Image)

A+ Core1 for Android and Apple iOS:

A+ Core 1 for Android (Limited version)

A+ Core 1 for Android (Full version)

A+ Core 1 for Apple iOS (Limited version)

A+ Core 1 for Apple iOS (Full version)

 A+ Core 2 for Android and Apple iOS:

A+ Core 2 for Android (Limited version)

A+ Core 2 for Android (Full version)

A+ Core 2 for Apple iOS (Full version)

A+ Core 2 for Apple iOS (Limited version)

You can view all the Android/iOS/MAC apps available from here:

Anand Software – COMPTIA Certification Practice Tests

Anand Software and Training, leading software developer and practice exams provider, offers practice tests including Cisco®  CCNA® , CCNP, CompTIA A+® , Network+® , Security+® , Juniper JNICA® . The practice exams software is available on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The important features of the Practice Test exam engine are given below:
1. Support for various question types including MCQs, D n D, Testlets, and Hotspots.
2. Screen configuration options such as font adjustment, night mode, and full screen view.
3. Feature adjustments like enable/disable timer, exam/learn modes, show/hide navigation buttons such as previous/next, show/hide flash cards
4. Review screen for reviewing all questions in a single screen and selecting any question randomly for review
5. Score card with category wise scoring
6. Detailed stats
Further, all the practice tests have been grouped into the exam engine so that candidates can download and install any exam module such as CCNA or A+ without having to leave the exam environment. The downloads are available in trial versions which are limited to 25 questions. The full version will have 300+ questions and answers. HTML enabled flash cards provide media enabled pages with detailed explanation for each question.Visit here for downloading COMPTIA and Cisco Cortication Practice Tests and explore further

COMPTIA Certification Practice Test

About Anand Software and Training: Anand Software and Training, a privately held Bangalore based company, is engaged in the development of exam sims and network sims. JNCIA®  is a trademark of Juniper Networks® . The company  specializes in development of desktop applications using .net, Java, and other Open Source technologies.

Disclaimer: Anand Software and Training is not associated with Cisco®  or Comptia® organization. Comptia A+®, Network+®, and Security+® are trademarks of CompTIA orgnaization. CCNA®  is a trademark of Cisco® . All trademarks are the trademarks of their respective owners and duly recognized.