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Practice Tests Features: offers Sim-Ex™ Practice exams for ITF+ which will have 200+ questions with detailed answers, and conform to the latest exam objectives. The question types include multiple choice questions, drag-n-drop and exhibit based. The exam objectives for ITF+ include IT Concepts and Terminology infrastructure, applications and Software, software development concepts, database fundamentals and security.

The practice tests offered by consist of 200+ highly relevant questions. All questions are provided with detailed answers.

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Practice Tests Features:

  • Include 200+ highly relevant questions
  • Answers with detailed explanation for each question
  • Online Activation of the full version
  • Category wise scoring, and reporting
  • Conforms to the latest exam objectives

Some Screen Shots of Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for ITF+ (click to enlarge)

Multiple choice single answer     Simulator type question     Review screen     Grade screen

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