Computer Based Test Software – Reports/Statistics


Computer-based test software which is used to create your own exams for schools, colleges, institutions, self-preparation for competitive exams. Here the educators, trainers, authors, students to take exams with or without internet Association.

CBT Software-Author Module can be used by individual authors or any institutions / Companies to create Computer Based Test Database containing various questions types.

CBT Software-Exam Engine Module can be used by instructors to present candidates with Computer Based Test using their own Question Database created using CBT Software Author Engine.

Reviewing Saved Results Questions : Once candidate has finished taking exam and results are saved they can anytime review the questions appeared in the exam from saved results. It will show what answers were selected for each question and if the question was correctly answered or not. Candidates can also export all these questions to a pdf file for record purpose. This feature also shows how much time was taken by candidate to answer each question.

A online portal which can be used by the administrators to view all the exams, authors and candidates created using Computer Based Test Software. Online portal also provide options to view results of all the students who have taken the exams, their scores and detailed analysis of each result. Please view the detailed help file for Reports/Statistics to know each feature in detail.

      Performance analysis

Admin can login into his account at Admin Control Panel to view results and statistics.

The email id and password registered as “Admin” while using Computer Based Test Software should be used to login into the control panel.

Please visit product home page for know more about Computer Based Test (CBT) software and downloading the same