Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for Network+


A tutorial for Network+ (N10-008) certification exam is available from A brief review of contents of the tutorial are given below:

1.0 Media and Topologies

    1. Network Elements
    2. Physical Topologies
    3. Physical Media
    4. Network Connectivity Devices
    5. WAN Devices

2.0 Protocols and standards

    1. Layers of OSI
    2. MAC addressing
    3. Purpose of subnetting
    4. Difference between public and private networks
    5. Protocol
    6. Network Utilities

3.0 Network Implementation

    1. Basic Capabilities of Network Operating System (NOS)
    2. Firewall
    3. Proxy servers
    4. VLANs
    5. Benefits of Using Antivirus software
    6. Fault tolerance
    7. Disaster recovery

4.0 Network Support

    1. Troubleshooting scenario
    2. The Troubleshooter’s Resources
    3. Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources
    4. Hardware Network Troubleshooting Tools
    5. Software Troubleshooting Tools

Downloadable practice tests for Network+ are also available from