MacOS App for Security+ Exam Sim


MacOS App for Security+  exam simulator which provides 300+ practice questions for learning, practice and test your preparation for SY0-601 CompTIA Securityplus certification exam.

Exam Simulator covers latest Security+ certification exam objectives, including Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities, Technologies and Tools, Architecture and Design, Identity and Access Management, Risk Management, Cryptography and PKI.

Main features of the application

  1. Include 300+ highly relevant questions
  2. Flash cards for each question.
  3. Various question types (MCSA, MCMA, Exhibit, true/false)
  4. Category wise scoring and reporting.
  5. Configuration of exam to change the maximum time, score, pass percentage and permitted buttons while taking exam.
  6. Review feature after taking simulated exam allows you to understand the incorrect answers and explanation for the question.

Question Types Supported :

  1. Multiple choice single answer
  2. Multiple choice multiple answer
  3. Text and Image Drag and Drop (Performance based)
  4. Exhibit type

Free  demo downloads are available for MAC software as with the Windows software. You may download the MAC version of Security+ Exam Sim from here.