A+ Practice Exams Mac app update


SimulationExams.com, a leading practice tests provider updated A+ Practice Exam  Mac app to conform to the latest exam objectives. The practice tests offered by SimulationExams.com include 300+ questions with answers and detailed explanation for each question.

Question Types Supported :

  1. Multiple choice single answer
  2. Multiple choice multiple answer
  3. Text based Drag and Drop
  4. Image based Drag and Drop
  5. Exhibit type

Free  demo downloads are available for MAC software as with the Windows software. You may download the MAC versions of A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2 from the links given below:

Some screenshots of the app

Multiple choice Single answer

Drag and Drop Type

Also, check out the software directly on Apple’s store at

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/exam-simulator-for-Comptia aplus-core-1/id1462265055?ls=1

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/se-Comptia aplus-core-2-practice-tests/id1485697804