Lab Sim for Networkplus Update


The has recently received an updated Network+ Lab Simulator. The update includes adding a few additional labs on the most recent Network+ certification exam objectives.

  1. Identifying Security threat features ( such as Malware , Spyware etc.)
  2. Identifying Network Devices ( such as HVAC, loT etc.)
  3. Identifying the network characteristics managed by QoS (such as Bandwidth, Jitter etc.)
  4. Identify the features of various virtualization concepts (such as vNIC, Hypervisor etc.)
  5. Identify the features of various troubleshooting tools (OTDR, Cable Tester etc.)
  6. Identify and compare cloud service models (such as SaaS, PaaS etc.)
  7. Identifying Different APC Connector Types
  8. Identifying Ipv6 address Type
  9. Matching the Wi-Fi Standards with speed and frequency bands

Topics Covered include

  1. Networking Fundamentals and WorkStation (WS) Labs
  2. Access Point and DHCP Configuration Labs
  3. Router Configuration and Troubleshooting Labs
  4. Switch Configuration and Troubleshooting Labs
  5. Scenario labs – Home and Small Office Networks

Check this out for complete list of labs available for practice:

Labsim for Network+ Available Labs