Computer Based Test Application For Android – Exam Engine


SimExams is one of the most influencing apps which allows students to practice exams online. The SimExam application is available around the clock. One can synchronize the application in mobile, and tablets with ease. This software is rich in feature and mobile friendly to use. The registered candidate can take the exams or learn with his/her fingertips over their mobile phone, and all the records can be saved securely.

Some of the features of SimExams

  1. Different modes like (Learning mode and Exam mode)
  2. Import the exams from local storage or by giving a URL
  3. Customize the application to display your own institute logo.
  4. Configure the application as per you need
  5. The user can check the left, Wrongly answered questions and find out their week and strong points
  6. Detailed explanation notes in learn mode
  7. Get the scorecard in the graphical representation
  8. Set your time limit
  9. Customize and bookmark the questions

Check out the application here

CBT Exam Engine android app