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    A+™ Practice Questions

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A+ Core 1 Sample Questions

Q1: Cloud Computing

Q2: Mobile Devices Display

Q3: Hardware Troubleshooting

Q4: Mobile Devices

Q5: Disk Fragmenter and Cleanup

Q6: Resolving IP address conflict

Q7: Network Troubleshooting

Q8: VOIP Connectivity

Q9: Virtualization

Q10: Port Forwarding


A+ Core 1 Sample Questions

Q1: Remote Desktop Connection

Q2: Windows 10 System Restore Point

Q3: MSconfig (System Configuration utility)

Q4: Operational Procedures

Q5: QoS

Q6: Software Troubleshooting

Q7: Social engineering

Q8: launchd on MAC OS X

Q9: Private and Public Cloud

Q10: Types of Viruses


A+ Essentials Sample Questions

Q1: Floppy disk drives

Q2: SVGA monitor color depth 

Q3: PC monitor connectors

 Q4: IRQ assignments 

Q5: Keyboard connector pins

Q6: Port address mapping

Q7: Modem signals 

Q8: SCSI bus width 

Q9: Monitor troubleshooting 

Q10: Boot error messages 

A+™ Practical practice questions
Q1: Master Boot Record 

Q2: DOS File Attributes

Q3: DOS/Windows File Systems

Q4: DOS/Windows Drive Letter Assignment

Q5: Windows Registry Files

Q6: DRAM Memory Types

Q7: L2 cache

Q8: DOS boot files

Q9: DOS Function Keys

Q10: Registry backup files


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