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MSconfig (System Configuration utility)

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Q3. You are working on a Windows 10 computer. An application called DLP 2.0 is failing to start properly. You are required to disable two of its components in Msconfig. Which two tabs should you access? (Select the two best answers.)

A. General

B. Boot

C. Services

D. Startup

E. Tools

Correct Answer: C,D


Once you access MSconfig (System Configuration utility), you should access the Services and Startup tabs in order to disable the two components of DLP 2.0.

1)The Startup tab will allow you to disable the actual application stored in Program Files, stopping the application from starting up when the user logs in.

2) The Services tab will allow you to disable the underlying service so that fewer resources are used, and there is less chance of system issues.

3) The General tab gives you several different startup selections.

4)The Boot tab allows you to modify how the system boots.

5)The Tools tab enables you to launch various OS utilities directly from MSconfig.

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