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Hardware Troubleshooting

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Q3. Your client has complained that the print quality using the laser printer is not ok. Some ghost images were observed on the paper. What is the most likely cause?

A. The charging is not OK

B. Toner need to be replaced

C. The eraser lamp is not working properly

D. The corona is not OK

Correct Answer: C


Some of the frequently encountered problems using laser printers and probable causes are as given below:

1. Speckled pages: The causes for this may be

  • The failure to clean the drum after printing properly, or
  • The drum might have developed scratches.

2. Blank pages: The causes for white pages may be,

  • The toner would have dried out, replace the toner.
  • The transfer corona, that is responsible for transferring the toner to the drum might have failed.
  • The High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) failure will also result in white pages.

3. Ghosted Images: Ghosting occurs when previously printed pages are printed again, though much lighter than the present image. The most likely cause is that the erasure lamp might not be working properly, thus leaving some charges representing the earlier image left on the photosensitive drum before new image is written. Also check the cleaning blade, which is responsible for scaping the residual toner.

4. Smudged images: If the fusing fails, the toner will not bond with the paper. Check the halogen lamp responsible for heating the fusing roller.

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