Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Whom do I contact if I notice a problem with your software or database?

Please direct your queries to cs@        <Back

Q2: Whom do I contact for any enquiries regarding the web site?

Please direct your queries to webmaster@SimulationExams   <Back     

Q3: I have purchased the simulation exams, but not satisfied with the product. Do I get my money back?

Yes, you may refund the product as per our Refund Policy. Refunds are allowed only for individual buyers but not for corporate/bulk license buyers. Please note that a demo exam is provided with every download to ensure that a customer can try before buying a full version of an exam.  You may need to email a scanned copy of your cert exam marks sheet to claim refund as the refunds will be given only if a candidate fails the certification exam after purchasing our practice test. Please refer to "Money Back Policy" here   <Back

Q4. How do I install the application?

Please see Download and Installation Instructions for a detailed explanation with screens shots.                  <Back

Q5.How long will you support a product purchased from

It is known that the certification exam objectives keep changing from time to time. Any product purchased from is guaranteed to receive support up to 12 months from the date of purchase. The support beyond 12 months is subject to the discretion of or its representative(s).           <Back

Q6: Who should I contact for multiple licenses?

Please direct your queries to cs@       <Back

Q7.Do you provide any discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk purchases.Please direct your queries to cs@                  <Back

Q8. What modes of payments do you accept?

For individual buyers, we recommend going through our reseller ( or others). The Buy links automatically will lead you to one of our trusted reseller. For Corporate buyers, we accept cheques/wire transfers/credit card payments, We also accept purchase orders.               <Back

Q9.How do I contact you? is owned by Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd., a privately held company based in Bangalore, India. Our postal

Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd.
1192, G.floor
2nd Cross, I Stage, BTM Layout
Bengaluru - 560029

Phone Number: +91(80)4976-8530

Office hours: 9.15AM to 6.15PM Monday to Friday.           <Back


Q10. How do I re-activate the software in case of computer crash/update/moving to newer one?

Disparate of the Publisher, license is re-issued on request, to re-active the software in case of computer crash/update/moving to newer one. Please contact cs[at] <Back

Q11. I have installed the software on my work computer, but I want to use the software on my home computer during off-hours also. How do I request for an additional license?

Disparate of the Publisher, additional license is entertained as needed only on request. Please contact cs[at]    <Back

Q1: How big is the downloadfile size for ccna or mcse / mcp titles?

It varies with the number of tests packed with the download file. It can be any where between 2MB to 10 MB depending on the number of tests available. It takes approximately 2 minutes to down load a 10MB file using High Speed DSL or Cable modem.   <Back

Q2: How do I install the package?    

Once you have downloaded title from download page, copy the file (exe file) into a temp directory and run setup. The package will install itself with minimum user intervention.   

Also, please see download instructions for a detailed explanation with screens shots.   <Back

Q3a: I am getting an error message while installation is in progress. What do I do?

You can press "ignore" and proceed with the installation. If your installation is not working properly, or if you can't proceed with the installation, please contact cs@         <Back

3.b. When you get a permission denied error, such as run time error 76, it is mostly due to UAC. Right click the program icon, and choose "Run As Administrator". 

If the problem persists, please email cs at <Back  

Q4:What is the screen resolution required for running this software?

As of now, you need at least 600X800 screen resolution. The program doesn't run properly on screen resolution less than this, such as 480X600.     <Back

Q5:While installing the package, I get a message that  "a newer version of file already exists. Whether you want to retain the newer version?". What should I do?    

Click "Yes" to retain the newer version of the file.   <Back

Q6:How much hard disk space is required to install and run the program?

You need at least 20MB of free hard disk space.      <Back


Q7 have downloaded a newer version of your test software. Where do I install it?

It is preferred to install it in the same directory as that of the original files are residing. But this is not compulsory.        <Back

Q8:Once the package is installed, its asking for Product Key #. How do I get it?

You may obtain the Product Key by using online registration process (automatic) or manual registration process. Please read Activation Information for necessary steps to be taken for activation.           <Back


Q9:I have got my Product Key, upon entering the same, it is not getting accepted.

Please enter the product key in the text box provided, without leaving any leading spaces.  If the problem persists, take a screenshot of your registration page (where Product ID is displayed) and email it to cs            <Back

Q10:I have installed an earlier version of the software. Now I have downloaded a newer version. I am facing problems while installing. Why?

Please un-install the SimulationExams software by going to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Un-install instructions here.  Install the latest version that you have down loaded. Installation instructions here.   Back

Q11: At the end of installation, I am getting a message that some component, "EXPSRV.DLL" could not be registered. What should I do?

If this happens, you can click on "Ignore" and the program works normally.    Back

Q12:I have down loaded more than one title. Can the second title also be installed under the same program group as that of the previous one?

Yes. It is recommended that you install all the downloaded titles under the same program group (the default is "SimulationExams"). You can open the desired title by clicking on the icon (Start -> Program Files -> -> Test Engine    Back


Q13: Which version of adobe acrobat reader is compatible with Lab Simulators?

Lab Simulators are compatible with Adobe acrobat Reader 8 or later versions. Download link to Adobe acrobat Reader :            <Back

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