Sim-Ex™ Cram Notes for Network+ (N10-008)

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Sim-Ex™ Cram Notes for Network+(N10-008) offers Sim-Ex Cram Notes for Network+(N10-008) which is intended to help you pass the Network+ exam, providing wide coverage of Network+ topics and a few scenario type questions to enable you to understand the concepts.

The cram notes contains the study material in detail according to latest exam objectives.

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1. Networking Concepts

1.1 OSI model and its function

1.2 Network Topologies

1.3 Uses of ports and protocols

1.4 IP addressing

1.5 Characteristics of routing and switching

1.6 Wireless technologies

1.7 Cloud concepts

1.8 Network Services

2. Infrastructure

2.1 Different types of cabling standards

2.2 Placement of networking devices on a network and install/configure them

2.3 Use cases for advanced networking devices

2.4 Virtualization and network storage technologies

2.5 Compare different WAN technologies

3. Network Operations

3.1 Managing the network

3.2 Disaster recovery concepts

3.3 Scanning, monitoring and patching processes and summarize their expected outputs

3.4 Remote access methods

3.5 Identify policies and best practices

4. Network Security

4.1 Introduction to Physical security devices

4.2 Authentication and access controls

4.3 Securing basic wireless network

4.4 Common networking attacks

4.5 Network device hardening

4.6 Common mitigation techniques and their purpose

5. Network Troubleshooting and Tools

5.1 Explain the network troubleshooting methodology

5.2 Given a scenario, use the appropriate tools for completing the job

5.3 Troubleshoot common wired connectivity and performance issues

5.4 Troubleshoot common wireless connectivity and performance issues

5.5 Troubleshoot common network service issues

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