Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for A+ Core 2: Practice Questions

Software Troubleshooting

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Q6. A technician is installing iTunes on his Windows 10 computer. However, the installation is failing mid way. Which of the following are probable reasons? (Choose 2 best answers)

A. The MBR is corrupt

B. iTunes software is not compatible with Windows Operating Systems

C. He doesn't have administrative rights to install the software

D. The computer does not have the latest Microsoft Windows updates installed

Correct Answer: C,D


When installing a third party application, ensure that the following recommendations are fulfilled:

a. You have administrative rights to the computer

b. Get latest Windows updates

c. Disable any conflicting software; you can use MSCONFIG utility to troubleshoot the problem in Vista or Windows 7/10.

d. Make sure your folder names don't contain strange characters

Additionally, if you are installing unsigned software, you will be prompted whether you are willing to go ahead with the installation. You must accept to the risks to complete the installation.

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