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launchd on MAC OS X

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Q8. Which of the following is the recommended option to use in MAC OS X for scheduling and running tasks in the background?

A. task scheduler

B. Cron

C. Software Updater

D. launchd

Correct Answer: D


In OS X, you can run a background job on a timed schedule in two ways: launchd jobs and cron jobs. The preferred way to add a timed job is to use launchd. Each launchd job is described by a separate file. This means that you can manage launchd timed jobs by simply adding or removing a file. Although it is still supported, cron is not a recommended solution. It has been deprecated in favor of launchd.

Task scheduler is a Windows tool and not to be confused with Apple Mac or Ubuntu Linux. Similarly, Software Updater is a Ubuntu Linux graphical tool to check for updates, etc.

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