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Practice Tests Features: offers Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams with NetSim for JNCIA-Junos which will have 250+ questions with detailed answers, and conform to the latest exam objectives. The question types include multiple choice questions, drag-n-drop and exhibit based. The exam objectives for JNCIA-Junos include Networking Fundamentals, Junos OS Fundamentals, User Interfaces, Junos Configuration Basics , Operational Monitoring and Maintenance, Routing Fundamentals, Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

The practice tests are useful for candidates who have planned to take the certification exam in the next couple of weeks, or for those who would like to know their proficiency in a given area.

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Practice Tests Features:

  • Include 250+ highly relevant questions
  • Answers with detailed explanation for each question
  • Online Activation of the full version
  • Category wise scoring, and reporting
  • Conforms to the latest exam objectives

Network Simulator Features

  • Lab exercises for hands-on practice.
  • Simulate Juniper® J-series routers and M-series routers
  • Simulate Juniper® Junos routers.
  • Support short form commands. You can type short form commands in Junos simulator.
  • Network designer that provides drag and drop feature for inserting devices and connectors. GUI based device configurator.
  • Detailed Lab Manual provided.

Some Screen Shots of Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams with NetSim for JNCIA-Junos

Simulator type question

Simulator type question

Simlet type question

Simlet type question

Multple choice single answer

Multple choice single answer

Review screen

Review screen

What our customers are saying ...

Your exam was very helpful, I passed the CCNA test!! - Ricardo Mundarain.

The A+ tests helped me pass the test with an 82% -- Malcolm Tranberg

Your content and subject matter are good. I recommend improvement on test engine features -- Kim White

Yes, we have greatly improved the test engine features, just try our free demo now! The features now include immediate online activation, auto updates to question database, simulation type questions and much more.

I had a few clarifications required during installation. Your technical support was good, that I got clarifications on time. -- Yong jiang

Thank you for your assistance in installing and using the product, much appreciated! -- Lorraine

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