Un-Install Procedure

1. Procedure to Un-Install Individual Practice Test

The practice exams from SimulationExams installed on the computer can be un-installed individually by clicking on the Un-Install button provided on the Integrated Test Environment screen, located next to the specific exam titles as shown below.

help image

Click on the Uninstall button and a dialog for confirmation is displayed as shown

help image

The progress bar displaying status of un-installation is displayed.

A popup is displayed on successful un-installation of the exam as shown, click on 'OK' and then restart the application. help image

2. Test Engine Un-installation

The Integrated Test Environment installed on the system can be un-installed from control panel.

On clicking Uninstall, a popup is displayed as shown, click 'Yes' to continue.

help image

After successful un-installation of the engine, a confirmation popup is displayed as below

help image

Note that un-installing the engine will not un-install the practice exams installed on the system.

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