Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for Network+

4.0 Network Support

  1. Troubleshooting scenario
  2. The Troubleshooter's Resources
  3. Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources
  4. Hardware Network Troubleshooting Tools
  5. Software Troubleshooting Tools

4.2 The Troubleshooters Resources

Log Files:The log files can indicate the general health of a server; log files contain a running list of all errors, their description, the time and date they occurred and other information.

NetWare Log files: Three log files solve NetWare server problems, they are:

  • The Console Log file (CONSOLE.LOG) : This log file keeps a history of all errors that have occurred and information that has been displayed on the server's console. It is located in the SYS:\ETC directory on the server.
  • The Abend Log file (ABED.LOG) : This log file registers all Abends on a NetWare server. An Abend (Abnormal END) is an error condition that can halt the proper operation of the NetWare server.
  • The Server Log file (SYS$LOG.ERR) : The server log file lists any errors that occur on the server, including Abends and NDS errors, time and date that has occurred.

Windows 2000 server Log files:

Log files in Windows 2000 server Operating system are:

The System Log : This log file tracks every event that occurs on that computer. It is similar to NetWare's SYS$LOG.ERR. The system log tracks only three main types of events. They are

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error

The Security Log : This log tracks security events specified by the system or domain's Audit policy. The security log displays two types of events:

  • Success Audit (The event passed the security audit)
  • Failure Audit (The event failed the security audit)

The Application Log : This log is similar to other two logs except that it tracks events for network services and applications.

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