Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for Network+

4.0 Network Support

  1. Troubleshooting scenario
  2. The Troubleshooter's Resources
  3. Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources
  4. Hardware Network Troubleshooting Tools
  5. Software Troubleshooting Tools

4.3 Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources

The troubleshooting resources are used to solve the pesky problems that have no pattern or few recognizable symptoms. Most popular resources are

  • README files
  • Telephone support
  • Technical support CD-ROM
  • Technical support website

README Files: This file contains the latest information released about the software. Tips, default settings and installation information are also found in the file.

Telephone support:All the software manufacturers have toll-free support numbers and so the customers can call them for support.

The Technical support CD-ROM:With the development of CD-ROM technology, it became possible to put volumes of textual information on a readily accessible medium.

The Technical Support Website:The Internet proved to be the perfect medium for allowing network support personnel access to the same information that was on the technical support CD-ROMs.

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