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Retired! Go to latest Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Route offers Sim-Ex™ practice exams for CCNP Certification.CCNP certification may be obtained by passing three requisite exams, namely CCNP Route, CCNP Switch, and CCNP TShoot. Please note that CCNA is a qualifying certification for attempting CCNP.

  • Include 225+ highly relevant questions
  • Answers with detailed explanation for each question
  • Simlest and router simulation type questions
  • Completely revised with Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulation questions
  • Lab exercises for hands-on practice
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CCNP - Route Exam Details*:

Exam # 642-902 CCNP Route
Number of question 100 questions per test and 225+ questions in total. The question types include Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Exhibit, and scenario based.
Exam Objectives Covered 1. Implement EIGRP operations.
2. Implement multiarea OSPF operations.
3. Describe integrated IS-IS.
4. Implement Cisco IOS routing features.
5. Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity
6. Implement multicast forwarding.
7. Implement IPv6.
Passing score 690**
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** The passing score is not exactly known, as the exam got revised recently.

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Discontinued 640-901 Discontinued 642-801

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