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IS-IS (Intermediate System in OSI) Questions

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Q1. IS-IS uses hierarchical levels to route packets in an OSI environment. Which of the following is true about an IS (Intermediate System)?

A. An IS can only be a level 1 router.

B. An IS can be either level 1 or Level 2 router but not both at the same time.

C. An IS can be both Level 1 and Level 2 router at the same time.

D. An IS can neither be Level 1 nor Level 2 router. Only ES (End System) can assume Level 1/ Level 2 function.

Correct Answer: C


An Intermediate System (router) can assume the functionality of Level 1 router or Level 2 router or both. Note that Level 1 routers are used within an area. They can not connect between two different areas. To connect two different areas in IS-IS routing domain, we need Level 2 router. Level 2 routers form the backbone of IS-IS routing domain connecting different areas. A router can be both Level1 and Level 2 at the same time. In this case, two different link state databases are maintained by the router for L1 LSPs and L2 LSPs respectively.

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