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Welcome to!, home for IT certification practice exams. 


1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Ordering Information
4. Technical Support
5. Distribution License
6. Legal
7. Feedback

1. Introduction

SimulationExams' practice exams provide the aspirants of IT certifications, to gauge their preparedness to appear for an actual exam.  Please do not try to memorize the practice questions that appear in SimulationExams. Other means such as study guides, classroom training, lab practice need to be done as required before appearing for any IT certification exams. Please be aware that simulation exams only complement these other means of study/ practice and not a replacement for these forms of preparation. Also, we have put complete effort so that all practice questions comply the exam objectives of respective vendors (unless stated otherwise at the Web site). Also, please read license agreement before downloading or installing any software from

The practice Tests come in Demo version, which can be converted to a full version on payment of Registration fee.


2.1 How to Install:
Please visit  Web Site to see detailed download and installation instructions.

2.2 How to Uninstall

You can uninstall SimulationExams software by using the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs dialog box. IMPORTANT - WINDOWS NT USERS: If SimulationExams was installed with Administrative privileges, you should then also uninstall SimulationExams under these conditions. Otherwise, SimulationExams might not be completely removed from your system.

3. Ordering Information

You can easily order the full version of SimulationExams software from either of the following link:  To enquire about sales, please write to sales at

4. Technical Support

Free technical support is available to registered users of SimulationExams software. If you have a problem installing or running your registered copy of SimulationExams, you can ask for help by writing to <support at>. Also, please see site FAQ at

5. Distribution License

Provided that you verify that you are distributing the most recent version of SimulationExams software, you are hereby licensed to make as many copies of the SimulationExams software as you wish;  and distribute the SimulationExams software in its unmodified form via electronic means (Internet, BBS's, Shareware distribution libraries, CD-ROMs, etc.). You may charge a distribution fee for the package, but you must not represent in any way that you are selling the software itself.

Please read the file Legal info for more details.

6. Legal, any entity and/or individual related to accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from its use and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.

The program and accompanying files are copyright material. No part of this material may be distributed with other software packages without the express written permission from the author.

Before using this software, please read the license agreement that is available on the Web site:

Please read the file License Agreement for more details.

7. Feedback

Bug reports, criticism, and comments are very welcome. You can send suggestions to support at Home Page

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