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Exam: 70-215

Disk duplication.

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Q4. Terry is a network administrator at XYZ Corporation. His company is engaged in manufacturing Windows 2000 Servers. He needs to prepare the Windows 2000 Server hard disk for disk duplication using a Microsoft® Tool. The user specific data must not be duplicated. Which of the following needs to be done?

A. Use unattend file for disk duplication.

B. Use sysprep tool to prepare the hard disk for disk duplication

C. There is no provision to duplicate hard disk using Windows 2000 Server tools.

D. Run diskimage.exe and supply required parameters.

Correct Answer: B


Microsoft®s Sysprep is used for preparing the hard disk of an existing Windows 2000 Professional/Server installation for disk duplication. This tool is useful for OEMs, where large number of Servers need to be manufactured. It basically works by removing the user specific data, such as serial numbers, and computer names from the original disk, and preparing the disk for duplication. This will enable centralized software installation under controlled environment. Sysprep can be used for both Windows 2000 professional and Windows 2000 Server computers.
Sysprep differs from unattended installation, in the sense that the Windows 2000 source files are required for unattended installation (as well as unattend text file). Sysprep prepares a disk image that contains all the files required in one place and removing any user specific data. The disk can then be duplicated using third party tools such as PowerQuest's Drive Image Pro. Disk images are useful when there are very large numbers of computers that need the software loaded.

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