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Exam: 70-215

Server Installation Phases.

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Q5. Reed is installing Windows 2000 Server software on his computer. He needs to install a third party SCSI driver available on a floppy disk, during the installation process. During which phase of Windows 2000 Server installation can he supply the SCSI drivers specific to his computer?

A. During the Startup/Copy phase

B. During Text Mode phase

C. After the installation is complete, he need to select Windows 2000 configuration setup, and follow instructions.

D. Windows 2000 Server does not allow third party SCSI drivers.

Correct Answer: B


Windows 2000 Server installation consists typically the following phases. However, please note that these phases may differ slightly depending on the installation type chosen:
1. MS DOS based phase: This is the initial file copy phase.
2. Text Mode phase: This phase begins after the copy phase. This is the phase that Windows 2000 inspects the hardware and installs certain drivers. It also prompts you to install any third party drivers such as SCSI controller drivers, customized HAL.
3. Setup Wizard (Graphical User Interface) Phase: Here the system asks for details such as your name, organization name etc. The licensing mode is selected here. The wizard removes temporary files after the installation is complete.

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