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Exam: 70-215

Un-attended installation.

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Q3. Jim intends to install Windows 2000 Server Operating System on 12 computers. The computers are connected to 12 departments of his company. All computers have identical hardware configuration. He wants to install Server Operating system over the network, completely unattended. For this purpose, which are the three switches that he needs to specify along with the Winnt command? [Choose 3 correct choices].

A. /s

B. /udf

C. /cmpcons

D. /u

Correct Answer: A, B, D


For unattended installation, the following need to be specified along with the Winnt command:
1. /s: Sourcepath specified the path to Windows 2000 installation files. The default path is the current folder. For over the network installation, one need to specify the source path.
2. /u:answer_file - This switch indicates that the installation is un-attended, and specifies the unattend file name along with the path.
3. /udf:id [,UDF_file] - This option provides the name and path to Uniqueness Database File. A UDF file contains attributes specific to individual computers, such as computer name, password etc.
Setup Manager is used for building unattend file (unattend.txt) and Uniqueness database file.
The option /cmdcons specifies that the recovery console be installed on the computer.

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