Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for MCSE Win. 2000 Server : Practice Questions

Exam: 70-215

Server automated installation

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Q2. Robert wants to install Windows 2000 Server on 15 new computers over the network. All the computers have identical hardware configuration. Which files are required for automating the installation process? [Choose 2 correct answers].

A. HOSTS file

B. Answer file.

C. UDF file

D. LDF file

Correct Answer: B,C


Two files that are required to automate the Windows 2000 Server installation process are:
1. Answer file: Answer file is created by using Setup Manager. The answer file provides the answers to the Setup program, that are typically provided by the user otherwise. The answer file is named unattend.txt by default.
2. UDF stands for Uniqueness Database File. This is used in conjunction with the answer file to fully automate the setup process.

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