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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

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Q3. Which one of the following presents Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that the guest must accept before accessing the network?

A. Open Authentication

B. WPA3 personal

C. WPA2 enterprise

D. WebAuth

Correct Answer: D


Web authentication (WebAuth) is Layer 3 security. It allows for user-friendly security that works on any station that runs a browser. It can also be combined with any pre-shared key (PSK) security (Layer 2 security policy). Web Authentication (WebAuth) presents the end user with content to read and interact with before granting access to the network. For example, it can present an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that the user must accept before accessing the network. It can also prompt for user credentials, display information about the enterprise, and so on. Naturally, the user must open a web browser to see the WebAuth content. WebAuth can be used as an additional layer in concert with Open Authentication, PSK-based authentication, and EAPbased authentication. Web Authentication can be handled locally on the WLC for smaller environments through Local Web Authentication (LWA). You can configure LWA in the following modes:
*LWA with an internal database on the WLC
*LWA with an external database on a RADIUS or LDAP server
*LWA with an external redirect after authentication
*LWA with an external splash page redirect, using an internal database on the WLC
*LWA with passthrough, requiring user acknowledgement

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