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Router memory

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Q16. Where does the bootable IOS image (bootstrap code) is stored on a Cisco router?



C. Flash memory


Correct Answer: B


Typically, a Cisco router has the following types of memory components:

1. RAM (or DRAM): This type of memory is used for working storage. This is where part of IOS image, routing tables, packets, and others are stored during normal working of a router. RAM is erased when the router is powered off.
2. ROM (Read Only Memory): ROM stores bootstrap code for booting Cisco IOS. It points to the functional IOS image so that the router can complete its start-up configuration successfully. It is somewhat analogous the BIOS in PC. ROM also contains a small portion of IOS.
3. Flash memory: Flash memory contains the fully functional IOS images. It is the default location for getting IOS image at boot time. You can loosely compare the IOS image with operating system (say DOS).
4. NVRAM: NVRAM stands for Non Volatile RAM. NVRAM stores the initial or startup configuration file.

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