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Load Distribution Algorithm

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Q17. Assume that an EtherChannel uses Destination IP address for distributing traffic over the bundled links. If there are 8 links that have been bundled, on how many bits XOR is performed?

A. 1-bit

B. 2-bits

C. 3-bits

D. 4-bits

Correct Answer: C


The load distribution algorithm in EtherChannel can use source IP, destination IP, a combination of source and destination IPs, Source MAC, destination MAC, or TCP.UDP port numbers for decision process. If there are only two links in the EtherChannel, only 1 bit in the IP are required. If there are 4 links in the EtherChannel, 2 bits are required. An XOR on 2 bits can have 4 possible outcomes. Similarly, for an 8 link EtherChannel, 3 bits are required. Conventionally, rightmost bits are always used for XOR operation.

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