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Q4. You are configuring AAA authentication, and given the following command:
aaa authentication login CONSOLE line
Which of the following is true about the above command?

A. The named list is CONSOLE

B. The named list is line

C. There is only one authentication method

D. The authentication method is CONSOLE

Correct Answer: A


The given command is: aaa authentication login CONSOLE line 

In the above command:
i) The named list is CONSOLE.
ii) There is only one authentication method (line).

Once a named list (in this example, CONSOLE) is created, it must be applied to a line or interface for it to come into effect. This is done using the login authentication list name command:
line con 0 
exec-timeout 0 0 
password cisco 
login authentication CONSOLE 

You need to enter the password "cisco" (configured on line con 0) to get console access. The default list, if specified, is used on tty, vty and aux.

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