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Q3. A router is configured with the following OSPF configuration commands:
Router(config)#router ospf 200
Router(config-router)#network area 2
Router(config-router)#network area 0
Router(config-router)#area 2 stub
Which of the following statements are true? [Choose 2 best answers].

A. In this type of queuing, one particular type of traffic is given priority over all other types of traffic.

B. This is an automatic queuing method that provides fair bandwidth to all network traffic.

C. Each traffic type gets a pre-allocated bandwidth. Certain types of traffic can be allocated higher bandwidth depending on the need.

D. Here, each traffic type is given equal bandwidth resources.

Correct Answer: B


The router is an ABR (Area Border Router) since it connects two OSPF areas. Area 2 is configured as stubby and not totally stubby. To configure an area as totally stubby, use the command "area <area-id> no-summary".
The cost of the default route that is injected into the stub area is equal to 1 by default. To change this value, use the command "area <area-id> default-cost <cost> " command. For example, if you want to set a value of 5 for the default route, use the command "area 2 default-cost 5".

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