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Configuring DNS server IP addresses statically on a Windows client (WS1)

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Description: Configuring DNS server IP addresses statically on a Windows client workstation (WS1).

Use the following information to configure DNS:

DNS Primary
DNS Secondary

Network Diagram:

Network+ Lab Sim image


We continue with DNS server configuration on WS1 from the previous lab.

1. Click on WS1 this will open Windows Networking dialog box.

2. Configure the DNS Server Primary IP address, and DNS Server Secondary IP Address.

3. Exit properties window.

Notes: The DNS server enables address resolution. If one needs to connect to remote resources by host name or domain name (other than the IP address), then DNS server needs to be configured. Incidentally, and are free public DNS servers provided by Google. The DNS protocol is an important part of the web's infrastructure, serving as the Internets phone book. every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS look up.

Note: Please refer to the Network+ Lab Simulator software for complete lab with commands

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