Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for A+ : Operating Systems

Please note ... The certification has been revised, and the new tutorial is available at A+ Tutorial - Revised  However, several of OS fundamentals are same as the previous exams, and it would be useful to read the tutorial.

Introduction: A+ Certification can be obtained by passing A+ Core 1 exam, and A+ Core 2 exam Note that a candidate needs to pass both the exams to obtain the certification. Linux is not included in the A+ Certification exam, as it has an exam of its own (Linux+ Certification). A brief notes on important concepts of A+ Certification Operating Systems is given in the following sections.

The contents discussed are broadly divided into the following categories:

1. OS Fundamentals

2. Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading,

3. Diagnosing, and Troubleshooting,

4. Networking

Each of the above sections will be discussed in the following pages.


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