Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for A+ Essentials

2.0 Laptop and Portable Devices

2.1 Identify the fundamental principles of using laptops and portable devices

2.2 Install, configure, optimize and upgrade laptops and portable devices

2.3 Identify tools, basic diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting techniques for laptops and portable devices

  • Use procedures and techniques to diagnose power conditions, video, keyboard, pointer and wireless card issues, for example:

    • Verify AC power (e.g. LEDs, swap AC adapter)

    • Verify DC power

    • Remove unneeded peripherals

    • Plug in external monitor

    • Toggle Fn keys

    • Check LCD cutoff switch

    • Verify backlight functionality and pixilation

    • Stylus issues (e.g. digitizer problems)

    • Unique laptop keypad issues

    • Antenna wires

2.4 Perform preventive maintenance on laptops and portable devices

  • Identify and apply common preventive maintenance techniques for laptops and portable devices, for example: cooling devices, hardware and video cleaning materials, operating environments including temperature and air quality, storage, transportation and shipping.

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