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2.0 Laptop and Portable Devices

2.1 Identify the fundamental principles of using laptops and portable devices

  • Identify names, purposes and characteristics of laptop-specific:
    • Ports (e.g. mini PCI slot)

Mini PCI is a standard for a computer bus for attaching peripheral devices to a computer system bus, similar to Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus in a desktop computer. It was specifically designed for laptops and other portable devices. Specific details of connector type and respective sizes are as given below:

Type Connector Size
IA 100-Pin Stacking 7.5 × 70 × 45 mm
IB 100-Pin Stacking 5.5 × 70 × 45 mm
IIA 100-Pin Stacking 7.5 × 70 × 45 mm
IIB 100-Pin Stacking 17.44 × 78 × 45 mm
IIIA 124-Pin Card Edge 2.4 × 59.6 × 50.95 mm
IIIB 124-Pin Card Edge 2.4 × 59.6 × 44.6 mm

The standard size for Mini PCI cards is approximately 1/4 of their full-sized counterparts. Unlike PCI cards, Mini PCI cards are generally limited in the functions they may perform. Mini PCI cards have a 2W maximum power consumption, which also limits the functionality that can be implemented in this form factor.

Available mini PCI devices include WiFi, modems, sound cards, SCSI, IDE/ATA and SATA controllers. You can use regular PCI cards with your Mini PCI-equipped hardware and vice-versa, using Mini PCI-to-PCI and PCI-to-Mini PCI adapters.

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