About Certification Exams

1. Number of questions:
Each simulated test contains at least 58 questions. There will be three tests. This is done to prepare you fully for taking the actual Exam. Actual number of questions vary depending on the certification test. The exam information can be obtained by going to the web site SumulationExams.com and then going to relevant section page. Please click on "Exam Details" hyper link on the appropriate exam that you are interested in. However, in spite of our efforts to keep the information current, please be cautioned that the vendors change the number of questions, pattern of exam (like adaptive or not) frequently and it is advised to check with respective vendor web site for current and up-to-date information.

2. Passing Score:
The Passing Score given in the SimulationExams software is indicative only and the actual passing score may vary. Again, please see web site for more details.

3. When to take simulation tests:
We would like to emphasize that the simulated Exams gauge your preparedness for taking the actual exam. The questions are not aimed at being used as "memory dumps". Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you prepare for the exam using conventional methods and use the simulation tests for checking your preparedness to take the exam. This will save you from spending money on actual exam fee (Which in many cases is huge!).

4. Scope of exam questions:
The Exam questions are prepared to be fully compliant with stated exam objectives.

5. While taking the exam:
PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE MARKS FOR INCORRECT ANSWERS. Always choose best possible answer(s). Some exams are adaptive. Please check with the vendors website for more details.

6. Feedback welcome:
While every care is taken in preparing test database, we would be glad to receive your 
feedback regarding any improvements. Email your response to support at simulationexams.com.

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