Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Switch (300-115)

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Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP ENCOR, Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP ENARSI offers Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Switch (300-115) certification. CCNP certification may be obtained by passing three requisite exams, namely CCNP Route, CCNP Switch, and CCNP TShoot. Please note that CCNA is a qualifying certification for attempting CCNP. The CCNP Switch practice tests consist of 200+ questions. The features include Testlets, DragnDrop, and Router Simulations type questions that reflects the actual exam environment. The free demo download includes a few these types of questions.

Practice Exam features include :

  • Include 200+ highly relevant questions

  • Answers with detailed explanation for each question

  • Simlest and router simulation type questions

  • Completely revised with Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulation questions

  • Flash Cards

  • Instant online activation using program interface

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CCNP Switch Exam Details*:

Exam # 300-115 CCNP Switch
Number of question 200+ Questions with detailed answers. The question types include Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Exhibit, and scenario based.
Passing Score 690**
Exam Objectives 1.0 Layer 2 Technologies 65%
2.0 Infrastructure Security 20%
3.0 Infrastructure Services 15%
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