Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCST Networking Download offers Sim-Ex™ Practice exams for CCST Networking which consist of 200+ questions. The unique feature that distinguishes our tests over the competitors is the availability of Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulations to truly reflect actual exam environment. As of this writing, none of our competitors are offering these types of questions. The free demo download includes a few these types of questions.

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Practice Tests Features:

  • Include 200+ highly relevant questions
  • Answers with detailed explanation for each question
  • Simlest and router simulation type questions
  • Completely revised with Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulation questions
  • Lab exercises for hands-on practice

Some Screen Shots of Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCST Networking

Simlet type question      Drag and drop type question     Drag and drop type question     Multiple choice single answer type question

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