CIW Associate Certification

1. What is CIW Associate Certification?

CIW Associate Certification is awarded by ProSoft® and signifies the competency achieved in basic understanding of the Internet technologies, website design using HTML. The certification exams are computer based, and conducted by Sylvan Prometric and VUE testing centers. The certification, being widely recognized, offers improved job prospects in fields such as sales, business development, advertising, technical recruiting and other areas that depend on Web-enabled systems for productivity. There are no pre-requisites for taking this exam except that 1. You need to review and accept the certification agreement, and 2. pay exam fee. The CIW Associate certification is composed of 1 (ONE) individual exam, i.e. CIW Associate (short form for Certified Internet Webmaster).  The exam code for the CIW Associate exam is 1D0-510 (Old exam 1d0-410 retired in Jan 2005). The test contains identification and situational questions. We have provided several of these questions at appropriate CIW Associate Certification pages on this website. Note that you get automatically qualified for awarding CIW Associate certification, if you pass CompTIA's iNet+. Note that CIW exams are vendor neutral, and not specific to certain vendor technologies.

2. What are the test requirements?

As mentioned previously, to attain CIW Associate certification, you must pass only one exam, i.e CIW Associate, exam code: 1D0-510. Broadly, the exam objectives are given below:

CIW Associate exam objectives:

  • Domain 1: Internet Business Foundations

  • Domain 2: Site Development Foundations

  • Domain 3: Network Technology Foundations

The practice tests provided by covers the exam objectives thoroughly, and help in passing the exams first time. You can down load the CIW Associate ractice test here.

3. How do I prepare for CIW Associate Certification?

CIW Associate - basic knowledge of Internet technologies, Web authoring with XHTML, project management, as well as network infrastructure and troubleshooting.

4. Other CIW Associate Certification FAQ:

How long will it take to prepare for CIW Associate certification exam?

If you are preparing for CIW Associate exams yourself (self learning), it is likely to take about 4-6 months of preparation (Assuming 3-4 hours of study per day). However, please note that the preparation time greatly depends on your background. If you are already involved in the Internetworking, and web page development technologies, you may find it easy, and may require only a few weeks of preparation. On the other hand, if you are new to Internet and web page development technologies, it may take about 6 months (assuming you don't take any formal classroom coaching). 

You can find some useful  Certification books here.

What is the exam fee and who conduct the exams?

The exam fee for CIW Associate exam is about US$125 (US and Canada). The exam fee for developing countries is much less. The exams are computer based, and Sylvan Prommetric (and VUE) conduct these exams. 

What is the format in which the exams are delivered?

The exams are computer based, and may include the following question types:

Multiple choice single answer questions
Multiple choice multiple answer questions

Is it available in other languages?

Yes, please check with the official website

How long the certification is valid?

Please check with the official website

What other certifications are available from Prosoft?

The other certification available are CIW, CIW Web Developer, and others.

Note: It is recommended to check with the official website for accurate and up-to-date information.

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