Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CIW Foundation (1D0-510) offers Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CIW Foundation (1D0-510) certification. CIW Associate certificate is awarded after passing this exam. CompTIA I-Net+ exam is recognized as equivalent and there is no need to take this exam if you are an i-Net+ certified professional. You can proceed to take other CIW exams! This exam is prerequisite for all of the master CIW tracks. The next level of CIW track after passing CIW Foundations is CIW Professional level. Candidates passing CIW Foundations can earn the CIW Professional designation after completing any CIW job role series exam. CIW Professionals can pursue Master CIW Administrator, Master CIW Designer, Master CIW Enterprise Developer, or Master CIW Web Site Manager designation depending on individual needs.

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CIW Certification Exam Details*:

Exam # 1D0-510, CIW Foundations
Number of question 60
Time allowed 75 minutes
Passing Score Correctly answer at least 54 of the 85 questions to achieve a total score of 63% or greater.
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Exam Objectives Click Here for official website
Exam Scoring Breakup
  • Internet Business Foundations 30
  • Site Development Foundations 30
  • Networking Technology Foundations 25
  • Total Scored Items 85
Exam Format Adaptive
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