MCSE™ Win. 2000 Server Practice Questions

Exam: 70-215

RAID 5 volumes.

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Q9. Which of the following are true about creating RAID 5 volume? [Choose 2 correct answers].

A. RAID-5 volumes are supported by all Windows 2000 Operating Systems, including Windows 2000 Professional.

B. The disks that are being used for RAID-5 volume need to be configured as dynamic disks. RAID-5 volume can not be created without converting Basic disks to dynamic disks.

C. All hard disks that are being configured with RAID-5 MUST be of equal size. Hard disks that have different storage capacity can not be used for installing RAID-5 volume.

D. For crating RAID-5 volume, three or more dynamic disks are required.

Correct Answer: A


The following are true about creating RAID-5 volumes on Windows 2000 computer:
1. Only the Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server operating systems support RAID-5. Windows 2000 Professional operating system does not support creation of RAID-5 volume.
2. The disks that are being used for creating RAID-5 volume must be configured as dynamic disks. Basic disks need to be converted to dynamic disks before creating RAID-5 volume. Also, at least 3 disks are required for creating RAID-5 volume.
3. It is NOT necessary that all hard disks used for creating RAID-5 volume are of equal size. However, the total capacity of RAID-5 volume is equal to N multiplied by the smallest capacity hard disk in the RAID volume, where N is the number of hard disks participating in RAID-5 (N must be equal or greater than 3).

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