Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for MCSE Win. 2000 Server : Practice Questions

Exam: 70-215

Disk Fault Tolerance.

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Q10. Raman wants to introduce fault tolerance and speed up the Windows 2000 Server access to the client computers. At present, the server is having 4 hard disks. Three of this are configured as a single spanned volume. What should be done to speed up the disk access with fault tolerance?

A. Convert the three disks to a single striped volume.

B. Convert the three disks that are holding a spanned volume to a RAID-5 volume. It is not necessary to backup the data before upgrade.

C. Back-up the data on spanned volume and delete the volume. Create a single RAID-5 volume using these 3 disks. Restore the data from the back-up.

D. Backup all four disks. Create 2 striped volumes and mirror those volumes.

Correct Answer: C


RAID-5 volume offers both faster disk access and fault tolerance. It requires minimum 3 disks for this purpose. You need to back up the existing data on the disks and restore after the conversion of disks is complete. Also, make sure that the disks are converted to Dynamic disks before creating a RAID-5 volume.

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