TCP/IP Practice Question 1

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Q9. You have 6 subnets with one DHCP server and one DNS server. All users are able to access other hosts on the network except one user. He complains that he is not able to access the others hosts using host name. You have ensured that the DNS server address is specified using "global" option in the DHCP server. What is the likely problem?

A. DNS server address has to be specified using client options.

B. DNS server address has to be specified using Scope option.

C. DNS server address has to be entered manually on all client computers.

D. The client computer has been configured manually to use different DNS server.

Correct Answer: D


DHCP Scope Options:

There are three levels of scope options that are available for configuration:

I. Global Options: Global Options provide common information to all DHCP clients located on all subnets that access that particular DHCP server. DNS, WINS servers are better configured using Global options.

II. Scope Options: Scope options are applicable only to the given scope or range of IP addresses and are applicable to that particular subnet. Default Gateway is an example, where Scope Option can be effectively used. Scope Options take precedence over Global Options.

III. Client Options: Client Options are specific to a particular IP address. For example, Client Options allow us to set different DNS ,or WINS servers for a particular client to be used. Client Options take precedence over both Global Options and Scope Options.

In the given question, it is appropriate to configure the DNS server using Global Option, since all client computers will be using only one DNS server. The most likely problem is that the client computer was wrongly configured to use different DNS server.

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