TCP/IP Practice Question

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Q10: Kris has just installed his Windows NT 4 Server computer with 3 network cards. All three network cards were assigned distinct IP addresses corresponding to respective subnets manually.
Required Result:
The computer must act as a router to route TCP/IP traffic and dynamically update the routing tables.
Optional desired results:
1.Automatic IP address assignment for client computers.
2.Enabling Host name resolution.
Proposed Solution:
Install RIP Service and setup router to forward DHCP broadcasts DHCP Server and configure Scope variables for each subnet. DNS and configure DNS appropriately to resolve host names

A. The Proposed solution meets the required result and both the optional results.

B. The Proposed solution meet the required result and only one optional result

C. The proposed solution meet the required result and none of the optional results

D. The proposed solution doen't meet the required result

Correct Answer: A


For routing TCP/Ip traffic dynamically, you need to install RIP. RIP can automatically discover and update route tables. DHCP is required to dynamically assign IP addresses, default gateway, and subnetmask to client computers on different subnets. DNS is required to resolve HOST names to respective IP addresses.

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