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Q7. You are installing Windows NT network in an existing UNIX network. You have to enable the NT client computers to send the print jobs to the existing printer connected to UNIX hosts running LPD. You want to have centralized administration and control over the printing process. What should you do?

A. Windows NT 4.0 by default allows client to send print jobs to the UNIX host running LPD. No further configuration is required.

B. You need to install LPR on all client computers.

C. You need to install TCP/IP Printing Service on Windows NT 4.0 server and create a shared printer that uses an LPR to send documents to the UNIX print device.

D. You only need to install TCP/IP and ensure that LPD is active.

Correct Answer: C


When you install TCP/IP Printing on an NT server, you are enabling both LPD and LPR. When an NT server is sending jobs to a remote UNIX host, NT server uses LPR (Line Printer Remote) to send print jobs to the UNIX machine. The UNIX machine must be running LPD (Line Printer Daemon). In addition, on the NT server, you need to create a shared printer that uses an LPR port to send print jobs to the UNIX print device.

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