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Q6. Which of the following commands is used for configuring static route tables?

A. rip add

B. route add

C. ipaddress add

D. add ipaddress

Correct Answer: B


The proper command to be used for adding a route statically is "ROUTE" command. The syntax is:

route [-f] [-p] [command [destination] [MASK netmask] [gateway] [METRIC value] ].


-f Clears the routing table of all current entries

-p Means persistent, the routes are maintained from reboot to reboot

command Available options are print (to print a route); add (to add a route); delete (to delete a route), change ( to modify)

mask Specifies that what follows is the subnet mask to be associated with the route.

Netmask The subnet mask for the destination. If no value is supplied, the subnet mask is assumed to be

gateway The gateway where the packets are to be forwarded to reach the specified destination

metric Specifies that the parameter value that follows is the metric

value This specifies the distance (in hops) to the destination.

An example of this command is :

"route add mask metric 5".

Here the destination route added is and gateway to be used is

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