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Q6. The project manager for a social research project working to constitute a concrete set of short and medium term program ideas which can be implemented at various levels, from the regional to the national, so that advocacy can support efforts to enhance the response of institutions and communities in their daunting task of confronting the menace of HIV/AIDS in Africa. He already developed strategic options for funding in HIV/AIDS advocacy in Africa as a part of cost management planning. Which of the below choices are not included in choosing strategic options?

A. Self-Funding

B. No funding should be included

C. Funding of equity

D. Founding of debt

Correct Answer: B


Tough! Not at all, if you have practical experience to work with strategic options for funding of a project. All the choices should be included.

Domain Name: 7. Cost
Reference: PMBOK5 Section 7.3 Page 209

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