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Extended Service Set (ESS)

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Q8. Which of the following is true about ESS (Extended Service Set) in a wireless LAN environment?

A. It allows two devices to communicate directly without the need for an Access Point (AP)

B. It uses a single wireless Access Point (AP)

C. Multiple Access Points (APs) create one wireless LAN

D. It allows same frequency channels be used for adjacent wireless cells

Correct Answer: C. Multiple Access Points (APs) create one wireless LAN


Extended Service Set (ESS) is a set of two or more Basic Service Sets (BSSes) working together to form a single wireless network. Stations are able to move between BSS within a single ESS yet remain "connected" to the fixed network and so continue to receive emails etc. As a Station moves into a new BSS, it will carry out a re-association procedure with the new AP (Access Point).

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